Welcome to FRP

FRP is a Rapid Manufacturing company. Since 2001 we have specialised in helping companies boost their profits by developing & launching their new products faster than their competition.

What we do

When you are developing a new product or assembly, you need fully representative parts on which to make properly informed decisions. That’s why FRP specialises in providing prototypes and low volume production runs in your chosen grades of material, using your selected method of production manufacture. Read more

Our clients say

“We recently had an urgent requirement for a complicated aluminium part for a new product. I was impressed that FRP offered to deliver a real machined part even more quickly than suppliers offering simulant materials. Furthermore, they supplied a batch of c.2,000 sets of bespoke screws and fixings needed to support the initial builds. FRP delivered on time and to specification. Great service and I would definitely approach FRP again for similar such work in the future.”

“We needed a complex assembly of 9 injection mouldings (including 52 brass inserts per set) to make 3 product variants for our Product Launch at the Mobile World Congress Show in Feb 2012. These were highly visible technology demonstrators and critical to our presence at the event. FRP delivered on time and to our exact specification, even incorporating some late changes that we needed at the last minute! Our CEO was delighted with the completed units and the event was a great success for us. We look forward to working with FRP on our products for next year and continuing to build the relationship.”

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